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Oh Holy God
Creator of All
Align our Hearts
Minds and Wills
With the Light
Wholly Divine
Spirit of God Almighty

Please send a prayer for my mom-mom to stay healthy and strong. Please send a prayer for my health to stay strong and for me to never have iritis 2 get closure with my ex boyfriend and forever be surrounded by positive people and work in a spiritual field with my business and to find my true soulmate.

Please pray for my finances to improve so I can continue to put my daughter through her last year of college. Please pray for my husband to get a stable, good paying job. Thank you for your prayers.


Please help my sick cat Moocher


For a new job that I enjoy. That brings me financial freedom, stability & prosperity. That I look forward going to in the morning & brings me happiness. And for all those unemployed that they may find the same!



Pray for healing of my bladder/ bowel


I pray for a new job in an environment that is fun, creative, balanced, harmonious & makes me happy. With people I love & respect, who love & respect me back. And I'm compensated well for my work.


Pray that my heartmate will enter my life so that I may share all the love and light that I am


Prayers for Father in Law Peter who is going through the condition known as cancer. Uplift him with Love, Support and Devotion.


That I may use my gifts with integrity, appropriately and without fear.



Prayer for William, a 6 year old who has been diagnosed with blood cancer and is need of a bone marrow transplant. For his white cell count to return to ~0~ and for wisdom and strength for his family.


I pray for my awakening to self love, purpose & prosperity, for my husbands recovery from his mid-life crisis and possibly our marriage, and for my 4 teenagers transitioning to self-reliance.


I am praying for my sister Carol and myself. We are both divorced, she has had a stroke and is learning to eat, and walk all over again-@ the age of 49. I am helping her and I have no income. Dear God and our angels-please send us the answers we need. Our faith is strong. Many Blessings~


A prayer for all animals...that all mankind comes to understand that the animals are marvelous beings that deserve our reverance and protection. Bless the beasts and the children <3


Please send lots of healing power to my family. Please let everything work out for the best today. Please make it possible for all my wishes to come true. Thank you so very much for all my blessings.


Intersession for my family and each one's personal issues, my daughter's health issues, my husband and his attitude and myself for opening the veil.


Please pray for our daughter Maria to have all charges dropped and be released immediately. Pray for her to choose the good life ahead of her and to graduate from College of Art. Please pray for us parents and sister; pray to find the funds to pay for all court fees, attorney and fines.

Maria's Mother

Resolve all concerns relating to experience of fatigue and depression thank you for all prayers.


My friend, Casey, has been having a hard time as of late, dark night of the soul, as it were. I pray for her, but I don't know what she needs, so I just pray.


I am starting a graduate program in two weeks and pray for a smooth process and timely completion over the next four years.


Please pray for my finances. please pray that they improve so that I may help my sister, Cathy get out of an abusive relationship. I am very worried about her well-being. Thank You xoxo


Financial Security, career success & prosperity & to be debt-free!


May everyone's prayers be heard & answered.


I pray that I keep my job or that I'm given a new person to work with while my 1 person is on maternity leave or that the firm is hiring a new person whom I get. Asking in God's name AMEN.


God protect and keep us guide us to do the works you would have us do. Let me see, hear and know you and your works. Protect me Lord. I put my trust in you.


For the light and strength needed to finish an important work on behalf of women and children who are at risk or wounded or dead, victims of domestic violence.


My prayer is for a true girlfriend to come into my life, someone I can share with, who has similar interests and beliefs, a friendship beneficial to both, encouraging and uplifting.


I wanna send a prayer to my sister. I just want her to be safe right now. I'm not sure where she could be right now, but please lord, please protect my sister. I don't know what i'd do without her.


God, I pray for peace in this world, and greater brotherhood. I pray for peace and prosperity for my family. They have been through so much and God has been there, God be there now.

 Requested by P.E.

For my mother who has had a stroke and is now in rehab trying to make progress. I believe in miracles and pray she will have a fast and full recovery.

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