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This space was designed to provide a welcoming opportunity just for you.
Create your question in a simple, direct and specific way. I can only respond to a few of these questions each month, however ask anyway -
for a question asked is always an invitation for the Universe to answer!

Enjoy, Rhonda

Peace be with you.

How do I release the block(s), that is/are preventing me from losing 10 pounds?

 Hi Ann . . .

Thanks for sending in this question Ann, it's a great one, and one I get asked quite frequently.  Women across the world talk about their weight and most often, taking it off, keeping it off and creating and living a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight.

Our physical form is always a reflection of our inner world and what we've come to learn and express. In general, most often the tendency to hold onto extra weight is in direct relation to taking on others issues and emotive problems. As natural caretakers, women truly wish for others only the best in life. We unconsciously reach out energetically and want to make a situation in distress better. The key to really gaining balance and harmony with our weight is to be very clear about our right to maintain healthy boundaries while reminding others they are the authors of their own lives.  It sets us free when we treasure anothers right to choose as well as our own.  

For any of us struggling with an issue (and this works especially well around "weight" ) I suggest these three questions:

1.  What is the spiritual and energetic ROOT connected to this isssue (weight)?

2.  What am I LEARNING about myself and  my CREATIVE ABILITIES through the exploration of this issue (related to weight) ?

3.  What is my next step in RESOLVING this issue (weight) and INTEGRATING more harmony and balanced MASTERY in MY LIFE?

Letting go of any judgement around the weight (issue) is of utmost importance. For all of us, we are remembering to love our selves fully, wholly and unconditionally - both individually and collectively. This does not suggest that discipline is not in order, it is just part of the process.

Now for you personally Ann, I'd like to see you give all women, especially the younger women around you more permission to "do it their way".  You have this wonderful ability to forsee trouble before it happens, however the trick for you is to not get caught into the trap of believing it is your job to thwart others discomfort or fix it.  Letting go of this belief  and eliminating the emotional trap (hence extra weight) this delivers you,is the solution. Being conscious and aware of your thoughts around this and being commited to re-focus your attention,  must become part of your daily world. Once you start putting  your personal universal truth into greater practice, you'll start seeing the results and realize the magic it can create. 

In abundant love and success,


Why don't I have a dream?

 Oh Jacki Hi!

I love this question, because to my great surprise, many people don't have any conscious idea of what their passions are - or where their dreams are hiding.  The good news is, we all have dreams and passions however sometimes they are elusive and just when we find one, we loose interest. It can all be very mysterious and confusing at times.

The most common issue I see around this situation in not being able to identify our dreams and passions is one profoundly connected to supression.  In our soul's journey our highest purpose is to express our selves creatively.  However through our life experiences and belief systems ( individual, collective and through our ancestry ) we take on fear based ideas, ideals and values that are perceived as truth.

Becoming more aware of what we are choosing and why, coupled with taking full ownership and responsibility for our lives allows us the grace and authority to take action and decide that dreams and passion are indeed a huge part of our being human and and expressing ourselvs.

Jacki, for you personally there are threads of dreams and passions not working out or turning out as you had believed and felt they should. This is a pattern that is woven into your beliefs over and over.  I suggest you make a decision and choose one simple thing daily, that brings you JOY. Commit to it, do it and feel the pleasure and reward taking action brings you. (An example of this could be deciding to take a brief walk around the block at lunchtime or enjoying your favorite mid-day beverage (non-alcoholic) :-) and claiming your JOY.) The other component to this re-solution for you is to also let go of what you 'think" you like and "feel"  what you like.  In accordance with universal law, you will find an expansive - bigger quality to the essence of your "real truth".  (Constriction and contraction is a big indicator that fear is present.)  

Remember, Jacki:

1.  Decide and commit to one simple act of joy daily, just for you.

2.  Take action on and in your specialized and individualized choice.

3.  Enjoy and reap the rewards, in the moment!

As you move forward with this first step Jacki you'll find you're being naturally led into considering bigger ideas and yes, YOUR DREAMS.  This will take a willingness to let yourself feel deeply Jacki, and tears may flow, however know that release is in order.  You are a magnificent human/spiritual being! 

Our truth sets us free. . .


In love with abundant success for you Jacki!

YOUR DREAMS are alive and well,  just waiting for you to discover them!



What is my destiny?

This is a frequently asked question, major in scope with deep feeling and intent. I congratulate you on you curious and brave spirit.  The souls truth must be met with courage and an open heart.

I must say that in looking at your chart you have come to express your self in some very creative ways.  If you overlook or push aside this deep need of soul expression you may most certainly find grief and a feeling of loss and lack of purpose creep over you. So put your unique touch on everything you do.  It is important.  

There is another aspect to this - do not lose yourself and sense of personal identity when children come into your life.  As a mother and partner you are an outstanding soul.  On the other side of this - is this truth - you must must must allow yourself structured time to be just you.  Without any titles, labels or expectations from others. This is your obligation and commitment to yourself. Time for the pure expression of your passions. This can be accomplished in many ways - don't limit or box this quality in - as the more you express your passions the more joy and satisfaction you draw into your life and the life of your family and friends.  

We create our lives one choice at a time, and only you can decide and choose your destiny.  Your chart is just the blueprint and guideline you decided upon pre-birth - it has lots of signposts to keep you moving in the direction of your hearts desires and souls purpose.

Blessings Abundant.  Thank you for your question.


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